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Slicer AKS 0408

Fish Slicer, Salmon Slicer, Tuna Slicer, Swordfish Slicer,
Cod Slicer, Halibut Slicer

Fully automatic high-speed cutter with conveyor belt

• Graphic Fully automatic high-speed with conveyor belt

• 99 freely programmable slicing programms (PLU)

• User-friendly, self-explanatory symbol keyboard

• Graphical representation of the cutting program

• User interface on the display

• Big capacity in a small space

• Conveyor belt easily removable, easy and fast to clean

Improved efficiency

• For salmon, swordfish, tuna, cod, halibut, etc.

1-2 Stack per serving

Subjects along
Distance subjects up to 30mm adjustable
Range of 1-2 rows of side by side

Subjects across
Range of 1-9 rows of side by side

Circle drop
Circle shingling diameter up to 230mm and up to nine layers high

99 programmable slicing programms
store all necessary data as "article name", "cutting speed", "slice thickness" and all parameters for stacking, subjects, or circle will be saved.

Safety and Hygiene
AKS Model 0408 meets the current statutory safety and health rules.
All metal parts, which are in contact with the food product, are stainless steel.

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Footprint: 735 x 645
Outside dimensions: 1270 x 853 Belt: 880 x 280
Weight: 130 kg
knife: 330 mm

Voltage: Selectable 400 V AC 230 V AC
Power consumption: 0.6 KW
Noise Level: <70 dB (A)

Slice thickness: 0-10mm (adjustable)
Cutting length: 255mm
Cutting Height: 195mm
Cutting speed: 25-55 per minute

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