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Salmon Slicer

Precision High-Speed Cutter AKS 0508

Slicer for fish, salmon, tuna, swordfish, cod, halibut

Efficient high-speed cutter, as model AKS 0608, but with a 300 mm blade;
compact form, small footprint and a large storage area for the slices


• Machine housing, slide table, stop plate, blade guard ring and blade guard plate are
   made of stainless steel

• Easy cleaning capability due to the simple folding possibility of the sling table

• Mechanical locking of the stop plate when the slide table is folded downwards

• Directly driven blade (maintenance-free)

• Wide hand and thumb protection at the back of the slide

• Adjustable rail with quick-release connector for small slicing material

• Removable grinder with accident protection

• Infinitely variable slice thickness adjustment up to 15 mm

• Infinitely variable cutting angle adjustment from approx. 8° to approx. 35°
   (a larger adjustment range is available on request)

• 300 mm blade, hard chrome-plated

• Selectable 230 V AC or 400 V three-phase AC available

• GS-certified and approved

• Temperature range from 0° - 10° (depending on the slicing material)
   e.g. salmon, throut, tuna, swordfish, cod, halibut or similar fish species.

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Dimensions (L x W x H): 635 x 580 x 420 mm Footprint (L x W): 492 x 420 mm Blade diameter: 300 mm

Slice thickness: infinitely variable up to 15 mm (0.5 mm - 15 mm) Cutting length: approx. 250 mm
Cutting height: approx. 210 mm
Motor: selectable 230 V AC (0.3 kW) or 400 V three-phase AC (0.25 kW)
Weight: approx. 50 kg Temperature range: 0° bis -10° Cutting angle: approx. 8° to 35° (infinitely variable)

AKS 0508
AKS 0508
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