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ST111 Tabletop Skinner

Versatile tabletop skinning machine

• Suitable for many types of fish or fillets in various sizes 

• For both fine and rough work

• Tabletop machine at optimal working height


The machine can be equipped with a sharp knife and top roller providing extra safety as well as it provides pressure for deep skinning salmon fillets whether they are fresh or smoked.

The machine can be delivered with a stainless steel stand on which an optional skin collector can be mounted.

The collector can be connected directly to your existing water drainage system on your work floor. This gives as extra advantage that the processing area stays dry and clean.


Suitable for skinning:

Whole fish

 • any kind of smaller Plaice, Dab, Sandflounder, Lemon Sole, Dover Sole, With,
   Yellow Tail, Turbot, Ray and Black Halibut

Deep skinning of

• Salmon Fillet


• White fish as well as Cod, Saith, Haddock, Ling, Brosme, Salmon, Eels, Catfish, smoked
   Eels, trunks of Dogfish and almost any kind of Fresh water fish like Pike, Pike Perch 



• Table for machine at optimal height

• Outfeed tray

• Converter to 220V mono phase

• Skin collector with or without water drainage

• Watertube for internal cleaning and optimize production

• Optional cleaning roller for certain products

• Upper roller to close skinning gap for more safety with optional electronically monitored


Dimensions: 690 x 314 x 239 cm 
Speed: +/- 22 m/min
Working width: 300 mm  
Voltage: 220-440 V – 50-60 Hz
Weights: 43 kg
Capacity: 0,55 kW/3Ph
Operators: 1        
Controls: 24 V

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